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лого на Шаоми
лого на Редми
Xiaomi - Good phones at affordable prices.
Yes, their phones are really good, and from a service point of view most models are easy to repair.
Models such as the Redmi 3, 4, 5, 6 and Note variants are relatively easy to repair, although they require a lot of experience.
Most often, the charging sockets or the so-called power supply unit are damaged, and its damage does not allow charging the phone. It is repaired carefully with a lot of diligence and experience, and the presence of spare parts is necessary.
The other problem that occurs with them is rather dependent on the poor supply of original display for them. Often a model of the brand has two types of display - for the Chinese and the European market. So it is with software - there are different options for different markets.
The service also offers unlocking of Google and Mi accounts, which is quite a common service.
The table below has the models for which a display replacement can be suggested. There is a search engine at the top right and when you write the model you will get the price of the repair. If the model is not in the table, call, we can get it :)
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