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Samsung's displays are known to have the best quality and best performance compared to other brands on the market. Yes, that's right, but in addition to being very good, they are also extremely expensive. In modern life, everyone happens to have lost their smartphone at least once and then .... a broken display - quite unpleasant, right?

More than 3 years ago, one of our clients brought a Galaxy S3 with broken glass, I checked for a price and I was shocked, it was BGN 300. This is a lot of money for a display, the other brands of display were at 100-150 BGN, and the one at 300 ... It was inconvenient for me to take so much money for one display and I started looking for options for cheaper repairs, so only its glass was broken and the display and weave worked. Thus, after a lot of wandering in ordering glass, adhesives, hobs, dies, solvents and hardeners, we came to the first display. The price for the repair then was 140 leva, it was more than 2 times cheaper than a new display. Thus, from model to model, the service is improved in the repair of these so expensive Amoled display. The models we support have increased dramatically and now cover over 80 percent of the models on the market.

We used to use LOCA glue, which hardens in ultraviolet light, now we work with OCA stickers with pressure and press, we have a modern pressure chamber, machines for applying the sticker, high quality glass and matrices, we also use a super-freezer for edge options. After a lot of diligence and attention, our displays become indistinguishable from the new ones. Our many customers thank us for saving them unnecessary expenses, and we thank you for your trust.

YouTube clip for glass replacement on s7 edge and s8

Quality increases -> prices fall for S8, S8 + and S7 edge. New models for glass replacement such as J4, J4 +, J6, A7 ... S9

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логото на ютуб

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