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Undoubtedly the most difficult phone to repair is the APPLE brand. With over 100 components, it is a real challenge for mobile phone technicians. There are 3-4 ribbon cables that run around the entire board. They are thin and not very elastic, they break very easily and are damaged by improper handling. In some models, the antenna cables are detached from the connectors and become unusable.

The on and off button is most often damaged, and replacing it is a real nightmare even for professionals. Their displays are made in a rather complex way and have two separate sockets - for display and for touch. There is also an additional ribbon cable, which is very thin and is responsible for the front camera, headset and proximity sensor and lighting. Either the camera or the sensor is often unglued, because tenol is used in a rather economical amount and the solder is extremely weak.

The glasses we put are marked with Apple and are original. To replace them we use several different types of machines for gluing and gluing. We use OCA sticker which we put under vacuum and subsequently in a pressure chamber.

We also put a new frame on the display through a special device and high-temperature glue.

Replacing the glass with us is a routine operation that is performed slowly and precisely. We do not have bubbles or bubbles between the glass and the display, nor dust or stains. After installing the repaired display, a thorough check of the overall functionality of the phone is performed, such as cameras, sensor, ringing, fingerprint, a test phone call is mandatory.

Смяна на задно стъкло на iPhone на цена 100-150  лева. Youtube video 

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