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GSM service Solaris.

Sliven, Bulgaria

  • change display (LCD)

  • change of touch screen (Digitizer)

  • glass replacement

  • socket replacement

  • microphones

  • headphones

  • panels

Hardware services
Software services
  • unlock (unlock sim lock)

  • remove phone code

  • installing a Bulgarian menu

  • operating system upgrade

  • operating system release (Jailbreak, Root)

  • Bootloader recovery, JTAG Boot Recovery

  • transfer (transfer) of contacts

  • recovery of information (contacts, photos) from non-functioning phones.


Mobile phones have changed the way we look at communications. Nowadays, there is nothing that these devices can't do - from making calls, recording videos, listening to music, to more sophisticated features and using them like navigation and a computer. Mobile phones have more technology than any other device with their size.


With us you can order sliding accessories and spare parts for your device.
The service offers spare parts with installation and without installation at competitive prices.

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