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When only the glass is broken, we can

restore it and make the phone like new.

We change it quickly, easily and quite economically

The phones are made with OSA or LOKA dust-free vacuum gluing technology, which is used at the factory. One month warranty.
The repair is guaranteed to be 100% successful only with us. If the display breaks during repair, it is replaced with a new original at our expense.

The service provides all services that repair damaged phones by software or hardware. Charging sockets, damaged headphones or microphones, restoration of blocked phones with Google accounts, unlocking by an operator and others are being repaired.

лого на Коректна Фирма

The prices include installation and one month warranty .

valid as of August 29, 2016

It is also available to change the color of the phone, paying extra for the replaced parts, such as buttons, strips, battery cover

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