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Select the phone brand to check the price for changing the display, glass or touch screen.

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from 10:00 - 18:00

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Common repairs completed via the usage of the service:
  -change of display, back housing and frames,
  -charging, changing sockets and charging elements,
  - replacement of authentic batteries,
  -unlocking passwords and forgotten accounts,
  -restore of microphone, handset, bell and other modules
  - software program problems and updates,
  - transfer records from vintage to new smartphone,
  - essential board restore and others

     who're we? - GSM provider Solaris has already a 20 years history, placed on the primary road of the city of Sliven. We had been repairing phones on the grounds that our foundation. We consider repairing phones like Motorola C930, Ericsson T18, Nokia 3310, Alcatel OT 302, Siemens C25, Sony CMD-CD5.
Phones and tabs have been repaired for thousands of customers from all over the country, from large towns to small villages. We make telephones from all well-known manufacturers - Samsung, iPhone, Xioami, TCL, Motorola, Realme, Huawei, Nokia. Couriers consisting of Econt, Speedy, Leo express do now assist with this.
     Employees and system -  The provider has a personnel who have many years of experience in repairing GSM gadgets. We've got machines, expert tools and devices to help us perform excessive level maintenance. We are constantly trying to increase the quality and refurbished models to meet your demands. We are constantly increasing the models we support for repair to meet the demands of the market.
The newest smartphones are subjected to a detailed study by us, after which we apply an adequate solution for their repair. We use excessive first-class materials to restore your smartphone or tablet. If the complete display of the cellphone is replaced, we use an authentic one. The provider additionally performs different repairs on smartphones and tablets, which includes interpreting, inserting Bulgarian menus, restoring software, updating, repairing the charging socket, changing the battery, handset, microphone, bell, replacing SIM cards and slots and plenty of others.
    What do our customers want and get? - Our customers want a short and in particular satisfactory change of a broken display, charging sockets, accounts and different damages on their smartphones. They rely upon us because we provide them safety and a guarantee for repairs. The charges are not aggressive in the marketplace and plenty decrease than the countrywide common. Our customers keep money and time, get professional quality, correct service and a one-month warranty.

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