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If you have a broken display, touch screen or glass on your favorite smartphone and you want it to be repaired qualitatively and cheaply - then you are in the right place. The service performs professional replacement of a broken display , replacement of glass and touch screen of GSM devices and tablets.

Charging sockets, software, unlocking and hardware repairs are part of the services offered by the service.

Who are we? - GSM service Solaris has an 18-year history, located in the center of Sliven. We have repaired phones since its inception. We remember how we repaired phones like Motorola C930, Ericsson T18, Nokia 3110, Alcatel OT 302, Siemens C25, Sony CMD-CD5.

The service is the first in the country to successfully repair windows of Samsung, iPhone, LG. Our ad in is 4 years old, and we had over 80 positive comments and ratings, which were removed after the change of their site. Broken glasses on smartphones and tablets of hundreds of customers from all over the country, both from big cities and small villages, have been repaired. Phones are made from all famous brands - Samsung, iPhone, Lenovo, Alcatel, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, LG. Couriers like Econt, Speedy, Leo Express help us with this.

Staff and equipment - The service has a staff of 4 people who have many years of experience in repairing GSM devices. We have machines, professional tools and appliances to help us perform repairs at a high level. We constantly strive to improve the quality and refurbished models to meet your requirements. We are constantly increasing the models we support for repairs to meet market demands.

The latest smartphones are subjected to a detailed study by us, after which we apply an adequate solution for their repair. We use high quality materials to restore the phone or tablet. If the entire display of the phone is changed, we use only the original one. The service also makes other repairs on phones and tablets such as decoding, placed on the Bulgarian menu, software recovery, update, repair of the charging socket, battery replacement, headset, microphone, bell, SIM card cutting and much more.

What do our customers want and receive? - Our customers want a quick and, above all, quality replacement of a broken display, broken glass or touch screen on their tablet or phone. They rely on us because we give them security and guarantee during repairs. Our prices are competitive on the market and much lower than the national average. Our customers save time and money, receive professional quality, correct service and a one-month warranty .

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